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  • Quel est votre plus grand défi en communication?

  • Voulez-vous voir quelques solutions possibles?

  • Avez-vous des partenaires ou collaborateurs internationaux?

  • Travaillez-vous dans l’un des domaines suivants: la protection de la nature, l’énergie et le climat, la santé mentale et la réhabilitation?

  • Etes-vous à la recherche d’une personne expérimentée et engagée pour vous aider dans votre travail de communication?

  • Voulez-vous obtenir le meilleur contenu possible sans que cela ne vous empêche de vous concentrer sur votre travail?

Je comprends les enjeux et les besoins de ces secteurs en matière de communication et je peux vous soutenir à travers une panoplie de services, que ce soit la rédaction, la traduction ou la relecture de divers types de textes, ou encore les relations avec la presse ou d’autres acteurs, les réseaux sociaux, la photo, la vente ou le marketing de manière générale.

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“I have worked with Eleanor for several years on a number of different websites and publications. She is an excellent copywriter and a sociable and professional communicator, and is very pleasant to work with. Her language proficiency has also been of great value in international campaigns as well as in social media. I would highly recommend her for both management and execution of media and communication projects.”

Daniel Arnrup-Øien, Open Concept AS

“Eleanor was a wonderful colleague and proofreader. She is very good in understanding and analyzing customer needs. Eleanor did a great job reviewing and proofreading my paper and did it within a few hours. She always tries to clearly understand what the writing means and its intent, before coming up with her suggestions, comments, and improvements. I highly recommend Eleanor for all editing, public relations, and online communication projects.”

Hossein Abroshan, Elopak

“As the first CEO of CESSDA, I was fortunate to recruit Eleanor as the organisation’s Head of Communications. At the time of her recruitment we had no website, no branding, no logos, no coordination of our member organisations’ communications, and no strategy as to how we would relate to our stakeholders. I needn’t have worried. In a remarkably short time Eleanor had all these elements in place – she worked quickly, deliberately, and with skill. Eleanor forms excellent working relationships with experts and she is a very good commissioner of their work. She is able to hold a vision, and get it delivered. Take a look at the multiple ways CESSDA communicates today, and you are admiring her work.”

Paul Jackson, UK Statistics Authority

“Eleanor was hired by Octavius as a freelance PR consultant on a set of evaluation missions related to EU energy policy. She proved to have outstanding interpersonal skills, and provided high-quality services even when working with clients at a long distance. Our cooperation is fluent, creative and pleasant. Many many thanks to her.”

Pierre-Loïc Nihoul, Octavius

“Eleanor has an invaluable mix of professionalism and personality, challenging the ordinary and bringing creativity and dedication to any team. I am very thankful to have had the chance to work with her and wish her all the best for her career.”

Josche Muth, GIZ

“I have experienced Eleanor Smith as a dedicated and hard-working team player. She is used to working in an international environment and is committed to working under tight deadlines.”

Christine Lins, Global Women's Network for the Energy Transition