My passion for animals, wildlife and nature has been the red thread of my whole life. I started horse riding and spending a lot of time outdoors when I was a little girl in the Vosges in France. We then moved to Vienna was I was sixteen and I found plenty of opportunities to horse ride and hike there.

At nineteen, I took a big step and decided to move to the UK to study environmental sciences at the University of East Anglia (UEA), where I graduated from in 2007. I focused on conservation, natural hazards and risk management and my final research project was on mountain farming in Austria.

Since then, I have continued to follow conservation and wildlife protection issues very closely, though mostly alongside my various jobs in communications and in my private time. I donate to several wildlife protection charities every year here in Norway and I follow closely their activities. I spend hours on rides, hikes, watch endless wildlife documentaries and take a great deal of nature pictures whenever I get the chance.

I have realised that I want to serve this community by working freelance and remotely.

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