A bit about myself

Photo of me in black in front of a green bush

My name is Eleanor and I live in Bergen, Norway. I have over fifteen years’ experience in communication and policy in European organisations and in the private sector. I am multilingual and have lived in several European countries.

What can I offer you?

WORDS: Write, copywrite, edit, copy-edit, proofread, subtitle, translate (EN, NO, FR).

MESSAGES: Communicate complex messages in a simple way (storytelling), help you create content to raise awareness & engage, get the right timing, listen to those you want to reach.

STRATEGIES: Help you set SMART goals, know & engage with your audience (collect feedback), be more visible, use social media in more efficient and effective way.

CONNECTIONS: Help you connect the right people across borders and cultures, moderate, present.

PHOTOS: Capture angles & buildings, people, animals, nature, help you raise awareness for your cause.

Who do I work with?

I work with organisations, companies, and individuals across a range of sectors, reflecting my background and my varied interests.

  • Nature protection & animal welfare
  • Sustainability
  • Mental health and rehabilitation
  • Social sciences
  • The arts
  • Women empowerment.

I lead a networking and support group for women in business called “Women that inspire”. I run a podcast by the same name.

How can I help you?

I can help you with…

  • your written content: create, tell stories, edit, subtitle, translate
  • convey sometimes complex messages in a straightforward way (storytelling)
  • think strategically in terms of your communication goals (advise on SMART goals)
  • promote your activities and advise you on communicating for impact (e.g. by collecting feedback from your experts)
  • connect people
  • illustrate your causes with photos.

Why do I do what I do?

I like a challenge and to keep learning. I want to help organisations and people doing great work for the planet and for people. I need to live by my values: integrity, honesty, trust, kindness, freedom, and creativity.

I care about making a difference. I love nature and wildlife, animals and the arts, and having positive connections with people of all walks of life.

I believe in furthering knowledge and want to play an albeit small part in building a fairer more sustainable future.

I volunteer every week with the Red Cross in Bergen (Bergen Røde Kors) and also with CRUX Kalfarhuset oppfølgingssenter (a local social and rehabilitation centre). I love it as I feel that I am a part of a community and that I am helping people in a very tangible way to lead a fuller life.

Training and qualifications & Business origin story

I studied environmental sciences and I have been working for over fifteen years in the field of communication in European organisations and in the private sector. I am multilingual and have lived in several European countries.

I have taken a range of communication, writing courses and photography courses, and I am continuously upskilling. A full list is available on my LinkedIn profile.

Fun personality quirks

I am rather clumsy and bubbly. This helps when connecting with people.

It is a useful icebreaker! I have a knack of making people feel at ease and get them talking with me.

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